The Blend Team

Our team is a small group of designers, developers, and strategic thinkers. We each bring unique perspectives and expertise to the projects we undertake. The result is a balance of form, function, and execution that makes for great projects and happy clients.

Our Process

Staying organized is an absolute must with multiple simultaneous projects and steady service requests on a daily basis. We use a software development methodology called Scrum to make sure we are always on track while also being able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in workflow.

Even though we are a small team we work like the big boys. We visualize our workflow using Kanban, a production system developed by Toyota. It helps us track our work as it moves from beginning to end and all the steps in between.


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5612 - Public Display Rules and Javascript Updates
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5615 - Custom Landing Page System Design
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5614 - Registration System Evaluation & Recommendations

In Progress

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5610 - Functional Prototype Development/User Interface Design
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5631 - Monthly Google AdWords/Bing Ads Search Engine Marketing Report
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5619 - Third-Party Software Integration Consult
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5620 - Training Video Platform Development


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5625 - Update Responsive Style Sheets with Fluid Ads
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5611 - Audit Slow Query (mysql query log)

If you are looking for a job in the web field send us an email with your resumé, work examples, and a brief, one page or less, description of your educational background, practical experience, how you think you will benefit our team, and a little bit about yourself outside of work.