At long last the final transition of Segars Communications from Lubbock, to Elemental Blend in Austin is complete. The entire process started in January of 2006 as we began our city search and re-branding. Two and a half years later all our planning, blood, sweat and tears have paid off and we are all moved into our new homes and offices.

Our branding came first. Every Friday for six months we brainstormed name ideas and shared possible choices that we had dreamed up during the previous week. Some ideas that came across the table included Tug Boat, Marmalade, and Tenacio... Yes, it was that bad. Finally we stumbled upon Elemental Blend and liked it enough to give it a test run, so we used it as our team name for our first AIR Austin competition. The name was very well received and from that point forward we started working behind the scenes to build a foundation for our new brand well before its official launch.

Our city search was also a long and exhausting affair. We began with 10 cities across the US, and even Canada, based on access to technology, creativity and education. Cities like Vancouver, British Colombia, Seattle, Washington, and Raleigh, North Carolina all gave good ol' Austin, Texas a run for its money, but Austin held firm as a top contender. As we became more involved with Accessible web development and spent more and more time visiting Austin, the city proved itself to be our best choice for growing our company and families.

We are very excited about our new name, our new home, and most of all that this transition process is finally over. After two and a half years we are ready to settle in and produce even better work than ever. If you want to know more about our new brand and our move just ask, we love to tell the story.


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