Well, its official, Elemental Blend is making the move to Austin. In the spring of 2008 we will be making Austin just a little weirder. To make the transition smoother we want to continue building relationships with Austin clients. So here's the skinny:

Call for Austin NPOs

We are looking for Austin area non-profit organizations that are motivated about their cause, that have time and energy to devote to getting their message out, and most importantly, want to use the web to do it.

Why Non-profits?

Entering a new market can be extremely expensive and the return on investment for traditional advertising is just not viable for a company our size. Besides, who wants to give money away to huge media outlets when we could use it to help those who need it? As a result, we have decided to use our marketing dollars to donate the majority of our work to NPOs in the Austin area that need a website to promote their cause but only have a non-profit budget to do it.

What's the Catch?

While there will be some costs involved with building and maintaining the site, there really is no catch. Our business is based on doing great work, but more importantly, building relationships with our clients. We think that the best way to grow is by creating "customer evangelists," clients so pleased with our work that they can't help but spread the word.

What if My Company or Organization isn't a Non-profit?

We would still love meet you, especially if you are a small Austin area business. We know how hard it is to grow a small company and are willing to help.

Okay, I'll Bite. Now What?

1. Take some time to browse this site. You'll find news, more blog posts and our portfolio of work. If you like what you find, take the next step.

2. Contact us. Use our contact form to send us a message. Tell us a little about your organization and what your needs are. Then we can iron out the details and help you build a new website that makes your organization shine.


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